Narrative documentary by filmmaker Rod Martel

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It's a long way home

A son races against time to understand his family's complicated past before his mother's fading memory threatens to close the door forever.

In her small apartment in the city of Minneapolis, the centenarian, Gerda Martel Freund, sits in her comfortable recliner watching an endless loop of I Love Lucy reruns. Much like the brutal temperature extremes of the city in which she has landed, her life mirrors the cataclysmic events of the past century.

Gerda is the daughter of Oscar® winning Director/Cinematographer Karl Freund, whose life takes us on an incredible journey spanning the globe from NAZI Germany to the Canary Islands and eventually back to Minnesota. Her son, Director Rod Martel, takes the viewer along on his desperate quest to discover his family’s fascinating past before his mother’s rapidly fading memory closes the door forever.



A Chat with the Director
Rod Martel_tux

Twin Cities Jewish Film Festival Co-Founder Walter Elias interviews Lost In Berlin Director Rod Martel.

A "desperate quest to
discover his family’s past"
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Minneapolis Community & Technical College reviews Lost In Berlin

What people are saying

"...the most watched and enjoyed film of the Twin Cities Jewish Film Festival!"

~Robyn Awend, JCC Cultural Arts Director and Festival Coordinator

"An inspiring, heartfelt documentary."

~Los Angeles Film Awards 

"In an intensely personal farewell to his mother, Rod Martel explores the pain of losing the memories of what must never be forgotten. The film is a powerful experience that resonates with the roots of today's nationalist turmoil." 

~Eric Pommer, grandson of German Producer Erich Pommer

"A truly monumental documentary, with many touching moments. Rod's great love and affection for Gerda comes through loud and clear."

~Gregg Oppenheimer, son of I Love Lucy Producer Jesse Oppenheimer

“…a truly wonderful film…full of a deep love, extremes of light and dark,…a formidable exposition on memory.”

~Walter Elias, Co-Chair Minneapolis-St. Paul Jewish Film Festival

“…I was completely taken…an incredible, beautiful, clever, and touching story of a mother’s life.”

~Frans Weisz, Dutch Film Director

“...feels like you're folding over the pages of a very creative scrapbook, hitting you on an emotional level... I was hooked and couldn't stop watching.”

~Blackbird Film Festival Jury

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